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Unnuisarfik is a enjoyable billet and you a fancy emplacement in ilulissat center from exceptional perspective against north page of the city and against discobay.

When You plan To stay in Ilulissat we can propose 2 single rooms and 4 double bedrooms from common cuisine/living room.

Bedding and towels be found.

In Unnuisarfik you have possibility to cooking.

In kitchen there are whatever you have need further to cooking and tea/urn and fridge.

The building is filled up furnished and is equipping from spa and lavatory, television and radio, pay telephone and washer.

Unnuisarfik is in peaceful neighbourhood and there are arranged a less playground further children at the house.

All overnight guests must provide transportation to and from accommodation

Would In have several  informations, please contact to us.

UNNUISARFIK - phone.: (+299) 944210



Unnuisarfik  -  tlf.: (+299) 944210