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Here is Unnuisarfik

In todays Greenland use they mere that's greenlandic name "Ilulissat", which means icebergs.

Today is Ilulissat Greenlands 3.large city and discontinue the most important in proportion to touristinflux. It's here tourist to Northgreenland arrive and airman or sailer outlander from, to others towns in the coast and magnificent Northgreenland.

Ilulissat have a very graceful emplacement at the edge of the icefiord of a 56 kilometre long icefiord, there are soft centred from gigantic icebergs from the most productive glacier by the northern hemisphere. They large icebergs be stranded at the edge of the icefiord of the icefiord by 250 - 300 metre deepness, and they does not come free before next spring tide, and balancepoint change.

Ilulissat Icefiord got in 2004 engaged by UNESCO'S grounds of World Heritage areas,which means.spots which contain values of importance too all mankind and hence ought by all means too the posterity.

The city is centraltown in Ilulissat Township, which has 5005 inhabitants (1.january 2005), of this 4533 in itself the city. Most of the inhabitants in the city is occupied in fishingindustry and from fishing. In summer fishing the fishermens from smallboat and dinghy at The icemountainsbank. About the winter happens the fishery further inside the fiord, how the fishermens fishing from the ice. Every haulage back-and-forth about the winter happens by dog sledge.


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